Proceedings from the Australian Concentrating Solar Thermal Symposium and Workshop

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Australian Concentrating Solar Thermal Symposium and Workshop

Day 1 – Monday, 2nd May 2016 – A Stable Solar Future

Transforming Australia’s Energy Networks and Industrial Processes

Opening address: ARENA supporting CST R&D and early deployment (Ivor Frischknecht, CEO) – Link to ARENA

KEYNOTE: CST after COP-21: A global perspective (Cedric Philibert, IEA) – Download slides

Concentrated Solar Radiation: More than just a power source (Christian Sattler, DLR) – Download slides

An Industrial Perspective on Business Potential of Solar Hydrogen (Ayako Matsumoto, Mitsui) – Download slides

Future markets for CST in minerals processing (Gus Nathan, The University of Adelaide) – Download slides

Solar Heat for Industrial Production Processes (Ken Guthrie, IEA-SHIP) – Download slides

Renewable Energy Options for Australian Natural Gas Users (Keith Lovegrove, ITPower)Download slides

Changing Energy for Utilities & Industrial Energy Consumers (Jens Sondergaard, Aalborg CSP)Download slides

Current and Future State of the National Electricity Market (NEM) (Matthew Warren, AEC)Download slides

The Value of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with Thermal Energy Storage (Joe Desmond, BrightSource)Download slides

Solar Thermal – Opportunities, Challenges and Commercial Applications (Bill Gould, SolarReserve)Download slides

Market Opportunities for CSP Developers in Australia (Daniel Thompson, SolarReserve)Download slides

Vast Solar -ASTRI CSP Opportunities (James Fisher, Vast Solar)Download slides

Concentrating Solar Power (Joe Stekli, US DOE) – Download slides

The Role of Research and Importance of International Collaboration as a Benefit to Industry (Mark Mehos, NREL) – Download slides

REPRINT of CSP Program Summit 2016: Beyond LCOE: The Value of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage (Mark Mehos, NREL) – Download slides

Benefits of Research and International Collaboration for Industry (Cliff Ho, Sandia National Laboratories) – Download slides

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Day 2 – Tuesday, 3rd May – The Future of Concentrating Solar Thermal Technology

CST research and development powering Australian industry creation

A systems approach to CST technologies (Manuel Blanco, ASTRI Director) – Download slides

Session 1 CST: Collection, concentration and capture for reducing capital costs (John Pye) – Download slides

Session 2 CST: Thermal storage for increasing capacity factor and value (Wasim Saman) – Download slides

Session 3 CST: Power blocks for improving annual efficiency (Hal Gurgenci) – Download slides

Session 4 CST: Minimising annual costs through operations and maintenance (Pietro Borghesani) – Download slides

Session 5 CST: Creating new markets through solar fuels (Gus Nathan) – Download slides

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1 Poster session introduction (Coventry) – Download poster

2 Wind loads on heliostats in stow position (Emes) – Download poster

3 ASTRI Drop-in Heliostat Concept (Fairman) – Download poster

4 Design of heliostat fields in heliostat studio (Grigoriev) – Download poster

5 Development of the ASTRI heliostat (Coventry) – Download poster

6 Flux-optimised sodium receiver (Asselineau) – Download poster

7 Solar expanding-vortex particle receiver (Chinnici) – Download poster

8 Tubular sodium receiver (Logie) – Download poster

9 Wind loads on heliostats in operating position (Yu) – Download poster

10 Hydrodynamics and heat transfer analyses of novel free falling particle receiver (Kumar) – Download poster

11 High temperature sensible heat storage for sodium receivers (Mohan) – Download poster

12 High temperature thermochemical energy storage based on calcination–carbonation chemical looping reactions (Fedunik-Hofman) – Download poster

13 A multi-scale, multi-disciplinary approach to solar thermochemical metal oxide looping (Yue) – Download poster

14 Solar thermal energy storage (Jafarian) – Download poster

15 Corrosion in molten salts (Bell) – Download poster

16 Development of reliable low-cost phase change thermal storage systems for CSP (Liu) – Download poster

17 Evaluation of thermophysical properties of high temperature phase change materials for thermal energy storage (Omaraa) – Download poster

18 A cost comparison of two binary eutectics (Raud) – Download poster

19 Numerical modelling of melting process of PCMs including natural convection and turbulence (Riahi) – Download poster

20 Thermal failure of a nickel-base superalloy containing carbonate eutectic salt (Sarvghad) – Download poster

21 TES materials characterisation (Will) – Download poster

22 Exploration of Li2SO4 for high temperature thermal energy storage (Bayon) – Download poster

23 Thermal stability of eutectic Na2CO3-NaCl and Na2CO3-Li2CO3 salts (Jiang) – Download poster

24 Techno-economic analysis of supercritical carbon dioxide power blocks (Aghaeimeybodi) – Download poster

25 Systematic exploration of thermodynamic cycles for concentrated solar thermal power generation (Persky) – Download poster

26 Valuing power cycle options for CSP at the 100MWe scale (Post) – Download poster

27 CFD study on high‐pressure water-spray cleaning system for CSP mirrors (Aglani) – Download poster

28 O&M optimisation (Wang) – Download poster

29 Advancing the sabatier reaction through the use of small metal clusters supported on TiO2 nanoparticles (Alvino) – Download poster

30 Structural performance of micro- and nanostructured ceria for solar thermochemical fuel production (Gao) – Download poster

31 Performance of the liquid fuel production system via solar hybridised dual fluidised bed co-gasification of coal and biomass (Guo) – Download poster

32 Solar driven gasification of algae biomass (Rahbari) – Download poster

33 Education program project (Derakhshandeh) – Download poster

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