Join us at the Australian Concentrating Solar Thermal Symposium and Workshop – 2016

Australian Concentrating Solar Thermal Symposium and Workshop

Two days of vision, insight and discussion – The Australian Concentrating Solar Thermal Symposium and Workshop will cover the latest state of CST technology, local and international applications of it and its role in building Australian jobs and industry in the decarbonised energy future.

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Come along to hear from local and international experts on:

  • The current state of CST technologies and research
  • Commercial uptake and end-user applications of this technology
  • How CST can fit within the broader energy system and National Electricity Market; and
  • How partnerships with the research community can help fast-track commercialisation of this technology and unlock its benefits for industry, the environment and the economy.


Day 1 – Monday, 2nd May 2016 – A Stable Solar Future

Transforming Australia’s Energy Networks and Industrial Processes

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Concentrating Solar Thermal technology (CST) will play a major role in the decarbonised energy future. By 2050 CST is expected to be the main source of electricity in large regions of the world and, with rapid development of CST technologies across nations such as Chile, China, India, Morocco, South Africa, and the USA, this technology is coming of age.

Few countries in the world are as well positioned as Australia to capitalise on that global growth and contribute to the technologies that will shape the future of this industry.

Who should attend?

If you have interests in electricity generation, retail or decarbonisation of your industrial processes, or interests in civil, mechanical, thermal or industrial engineering, this event is for you.

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Day 2 – Tuesday, 3rd May – The Future of Concentrating Solar Thermal Technology

CST research and development powering Australian industry creation

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International experience shows that in modern, industrialised markets, existing capabilities in civil, mechanical, thermal and industrial engineering can easily be redirected to address the needs of the Concentrating Solar Thermal industry. The design, manufacture and commercialisation of many components of a CST system can be undertaken locally for supply to both the Australian and export markets.

To unlock this potential however, industry must see reductions in the cost for CST systems, de-risking of the technology components and increased technology readiness to incentivise investment and adoption.

But is that all?

Why you should attend

In this workshop you will hear direct from local and international CST researchers about the leading projects underway across the globe. Learn how they fit into the overall CST system and the impact they will deliver in terms of advancing technology development and rollout.

Have your say

We would also like to hear from you. Where can CST research focus in future to help address barriers to adoption, expedite development or identify new market applications?

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Register fast as spots are limited.