Project overviews

The ASTRI research projects address four key concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology issues, namely capital cost reduction, increased capacity factor, improved efficiency and operating cost reduction.  In addition research is undertaken into increasing the value of CST products, including electricity and chemicals.

Some projects are undertaken in collaboration with our United States partners, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories or Arizona State University.

ASTRI Program Structure

2018.11.27 ASTRI Program Structure

Current ASTRI Project Portfolio

  • Heliostat cost reduction
  • Solar field design optimisation
  • High efficiency receivers
  • Phase change material thermal storage systems
  • Novel high temperature thermal storage materials
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide power blocks
  • Alternative power block configurations
  • Mirror cleaning techniques
  • Maintenance scheduling systems
  • Solar reactor development
  • Materials characterisation and selection
  • Process modelling and optimisation

For more information of the current status of our research see our publications.