Project overview


ASTRI aims to be a leading collaborative research institute and advisor for the development and commercial uptake of solar thermal technologies. To achieve this, ASTRI seeks to de-risk solar thermal applications through the development, demonstration and integration of key solar thermal component technologies. ASTRI also seeks to promote and increase commercial interest in the use of solar thermal technologies to deliver cost competitive energy storage, power generation and process heat solutions.

Some projects are undertaken in collaboration with our United States partners, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories or Arizona State University.


ASTRI Program Structure

ASTRI Program Structure as at June 2022


ASTRI Program Portfolio

  • Thermal Capture
  • Thermal Storage
  • Power Systems
  • Process Heat Technologies
  • Advanced Materials and O&M
  • Integrated System Modelling
  • Integration Testing
ASTRI Structure – Program Project Leadership as at June 2022

For more information of the current status of our research see our publications.