Through highly targeted research programs, we will deliver the next wave of cost reductions for solar thermal technologies, to ensure solar thermal is competitive with other renewable and traditional energy sources and develop Australia’s capability to deliver this technology.

Although solar thermal offers a number of benefits over other renewable energy technologies, it is yet to reach the cost levels of wind, hydro or photovoltaic power stations.

ASTRI is changing this. We will make solar thermal technologies competitive with current renewable energy sources and with traditional fossil fuel power stations.

Our goal is to lower the cost of solar thermal power to 12 cents a kilowatt hour by 2020, whilst providing a power source that can be adjusted to demand (dispatchable generation).

To ensure rigour and consistency in ASTRI’s outputs our team will develop a set of relevant standardised measurements and models for Australian conditions that will allow accurate and informed commercialisation decisions to be made.

ASTRI is supported by the Australian Government, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

ASTRI Governance and Management Structure

2018.11.27 ASTRI Governance and Management Structure