2016 ASTRI Annual Workshop Posters

1 Poster session introduction (Coventry) – Download poster

2 Wind loads on heliostats in stow position (Emes) – Download poster

3 ASTRI Drop-in Heliostat Concept (Fairman) – Download poster

4 Design of heliostat fields in heliostat studio (Grigoriev) – Download poster

5 Development of the ASTRI heliostat (Coventry) – Download poster

6 Flux-optimised sodium receiver (Asselineau) – Download poster

7 Solar expanding-vortex particle receiver (Chinnici) – Download poster

8 Tubular sodium receiver (Logie) – Download poster

9 Wind loads on heliostats in operating position (Yu) – Download poster

10 Hydrodynamics and heat transfer analyses of novel free falling particle receiver (Kumar) – Download poster

11 High temperature sensible heat storage for sodium receivers (Mohan) – Download poster

12 High temperature thermochemical energy storage based on calcination–carbonation chemical looping reactions (Fedunik-Hofman) – Download poster

13 A multi-scale, multi-disciplinary approach to solar thermochemical metal oxide looping (Yue) – Download poster

14 Solar thermal energy storage (Jafarian) – Download poster

15 Corrosion in molten salts (Bell) – Download poster

16 Development of reliable low-cost phase change thermal storage systems for CSP (Liu) – Download poster

17 Evaluation of thermophysical properties of high temperature phase change materials for thermal energy storage (Omaraa) – Download poster

18 A cost comparison of two binary eutectics (Raud) – Download poster

19 Numerical modelling of melting process of PCMs including natural convection and turbulence (Riahi) – Download poster

20 Thermal failure of a nickel-base superalloy containing carbonate eutectic salt (Sarvghad) – Download poster

21 TES materials characterisation (Will) – Download poster

22 Exploration of Li2SO4 for high temperature thermal energy storage (Bayon) – Download poster

23 Thermal stability of eutectic Na2CO3-NaCl and Na2CO3-Li2CO3 salts (Jiang) – Download poster

24 Techno-economic analysis of supercritical carbon dioxide power blocks (Aghaeimeybodi) – Download poster

25 Systematic exploration of thermodynamic cycles for concentrated solar thermal power generation (Persky) – Download poster

26 Valuing power cycle options for CSP at the 100MWe scale (Post) – Download poster

27 CFD study on high‐pressure water-spray cleaning system for CSP mirrors (Aglani) – Download poster

28 O&M optimisation (Wang) – Download poster

29 Advancing the sabatier reaction through the use of small metal clusters supported on TiO2 nanoparticles (Alvino) – Download poster

30 Structural performance of micro- and nanostructured ceria for solar thermochemical fuel production (Gao) – Download poster

31 Performance of the liquid fuel production system via solar hybridised dual fluidised bed co-gasification of coal and biomass (Guo) – Download poster

32 Solar driven gasification of algae biomass (Rahbari) – Download poster

33 Education program project (Derakhshandeh) – Download poster

Compressed (zipped) folder for ASTRI 2016 Posters