ASTRI Annual Workshop Public Symposium 2016

Monday, 2 May 2016

Opening address: ARENA supporting CST R&D and early deployment (Ivor Frischknecht, CEO) – Link to ARENA

KEYNOTE: CST after COP-21: A global perspective (Cedric Philibert, IEA) – Download slides

Concentrated Solar Radiation: More than just a power source (Christian Sattler, DLR) – Download slides

An Industrial Perspective on Business Potential of Solar Hydrogen (Ayako Matsumoto, Mitsui) – Download slides

Future markets for CST in minerals processing (Gus Nathan, The University of Adelaide) – Download slides

Solar Heat for Industrial Production Processes (Ken Guthrie, IEA-SHIP) – Download slides

Renewable Energy Options for Australian Natural Gas Users (Keith Lovegrove, ITPower) – Download slides

Changing Energy for Utilities & Industrial Energy Consumers (Jens Sondergaard, Aalborg CSP) – Download slides

Current and Future State of the National Electricity Market (NEM) (Matthew Warren, AEC) – Download slides

The Value of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with Thermal Energy Storage (Joe Desmond, BrightSource) – Download slides

Solar Thermal – Opportunities, Challenges and Commercial Applications (Bill Gould, SolarReserve) – Download slides

Market Opportunities for CSP Developers in Australia (Daniel Thompson, SolarReserve) – Download slides

Vast Solar -ASTRI CSP Opportunities (James Fisher, Vast Solar) – Download slides

Concentrating Solar Power (Joe Stekli, US DOE) – Download slides

The Role of Research and Importance of International Collaboration as a Benefit to Industry (Mark Mehos, NREL) – Download slides

REPRINT of CSP Program Summit 2016: Beyond LCOE: The Value of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage (Mark Mehos, NREL) – Download slides

Benefits of Research and International Collaboration for Industry (Cliff Ho, Sandia National Laboratories) – Download slides

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