Sustainable engineering award for ASTRI collaborator, Professor Alan Weimer

Professor Alan Weimer has received the 2015 Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Alan is a US collaborator on the ASTRI solar fuels project (P42).

The announcement was made at the AIChE annual conference in Salt Lake City last week. This prestigious award recognises Professor Weimer’s significant technical contributions to the teaching and development of research that relates to the sustainability of products, processes or the environment.

Within ASTRI, collaboration with Professor Weimer and his team at the University of Colorado is helping to advance research into the potential for CST-based production of high-grade fuels, such as synthetic-diesel.

As the winner of this year’s award, Professor Weimer will deliver the plenary talk at the AIChE 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

ASTRI would like to congratulate Professor Weimer on this award. To learn more about ASTRI’s solar fuels project click here. To learn more about the award and Professor Weimer’s work, click here.