Catch us at the Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference, 8 – 9 Dec 2015

Manuel Blanco, Director, ASTRI

We are pleased to announce that ASTRI’s Director, Dr Manuel Blanco, will deliver a plenary address on the opening day of this year’s Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference (APSRC) in Brisbane on the 8th December. Manuel’s plenary will focused on “Advances in Concentrating Solar Thermal”.

Dr. Blanco will outline how lowering the cost of Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) technologies is a worldwide challenge that, when addressed, has broad and positive impacts for Australia.


ASTRI researchers also making presentations at the APSRC conference this year include keynote speakers:

Frank Bruno, Uni SA  Frank Bruno A winner of this year’s Eureka prize, presenting on “Transitioning from low to high temperature PCM thermal storage”
Jin-Soo Kim, CSIRO Jin-Soo Presenting on “High temperature receiver design – overview of recent Australian activities”
James Hinkley, CSIRO  Jim Hinckley Presenting on “A Solar Fuels Roadmap for Australia – Project Outcomes”
Other ASTRI researchers presenting on their ASTRI research are:
Woei Saw, University of Adelaide  Woi Saw “Performance of Alternative Solid Particle Solar Receivers”
Alicia Bayon Sandoval, CSIRO  Alicia “Exploring Lithium Sulphate as a Low Cost Material for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage”
Clotilde Corsi, CSIRO  Clotilde Corsi “Far-Field Optimisation of Heliostat Shape and Spacings”
Charles-Alexis Asselineau, ANU  Charles-Alexis Asselineau “Exergetic efficiency of point-focus concentrators using realistic flux distributions”
William Logie, ANU  William Logie “Temperature and heat flux distributions in sodium receiver tubes”
Alex Post, CSIRO  Alex Post 2 “Thermionics – a new approach to highly efficient solar energy conversion”
Yifeng Jiang, CSIRO  Yifeng Jiang “Development of Li2CO3-Na2CO3 Phase Change Materials for Concentrating Solar Power Plants”


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