ASTRI’s Director retains top spot in international network

Dr Manuel Blanco, ASTRI Director, has been reappointed as Chairman of the Executive Committee of SolarPACES (Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems), the Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency. SolarPACES is dedicated to promoting concentrating solar power systems for electricity and chemical energy applications.

Dr Blanco addressed researchers from around the world at the SolarPACES conference in Las Vegas where he spoke about ASTRI.

When asked about his reappointment, Dr Blanco said, ‘I’m honoured to have been reelected. This gives me the opportunity to continue working with my colleagues on enhancing the outreach of SolarPACES.

‘During my new tenure as Chairman, I’ll be continuing to try and align worldwide research efforts to increase the cost-competiveness of concentrating solar thermal (CST) power and solar chemistry technologies. ASTRI is an excellent example of a collaboration that is joining efforts to make CST an improved energy option.’

SolarPACES brings together experts and fosters international collaboration, which is an important part of reducing the costs of solar thermal technology and processes for the future. The 2013 conference was well attended with 680 people participating.