ASTRI at Solar 2014 conference

The ASTRI Director and several ASTRI researchers are presenting at the Solar 2014 conference, 8-9 May in Melbourne.  For more details click here

  • Plenary by Director
    • “Overview of R&D activities in Solar Thermal Electricity technologies worldwide”
  • Research Papers
    • Yanping Sun (CSIRO): Cost analysis of high temperature thermal energy storage for solar power plant
    • Steven Tay (Uni SA): Thermal performance of phase change thermal storage systems for concentrated solar power applications with different heat transfer fluids
    • Hal Gurgenci (UQ): Supercritical CO2 Systems for Concentrating Solar Thermal Power
    • Rajnesh Singh (UQ): Impacts of collector receiver volume on dynamic performance of a direct-heated supercritical-CO2 closed Brayton cycle in a solar thermal power plant